Acquisition of VueMetrix

VueMetrix has been acquired by Krona Electronics (September 2019). Contact them at at or call (408) 770-3070.

Convenient purchasing options

Several of our products are now available for on-line purchase using Visa or Mastercard.

TEC temperature control system

Easily configurable for a wide range of loads.



VueMetrix® defines the state of the art in drive electronics and software for laser diodes and thermoelectric coolers. Our drivers are small in size and large in functionality. They take full advantage of modern digital circuitry and switch-mode technology. Microprocessors simplify tedious set up and protect valuable laser diodes through continuous safety and fault monitoring.

Easy operation is at your fingertips with our user interface software, WinVue. Use our controllers stand-alone or interfaced through RS-232, USB, or discrete control signals. Ideal both for laboratory use or embedded inside another instrument. Many packaging options and OEM pricing are available.

If your requirements are not met by our standard products please contact us to discuss a custom solution.

VueMetrix produces electronics and software to operate laser diodes and thermoelectric coolers, emphasizing small size, electrical efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of integration with other instrumentation. Whether in the research laboratory or volume production, our controllers deliver top value and performance.
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