Battery on wheels

This site contain collection of informations of a 100 amp hrs pack:

Connecting BMS sense lead to battery

Us a 12 volts "4S" Bidirectional BMS is used to minimize the number of heavy wires.
Bidirectional means charge and discharge with one "B-" wire.
"B-" at upper left hand conner.
"B+" at lower left hand corner
Battery pack is configured as a twelve volts pack. As such, batteries are placed alternating positive terminals to the right and the next battery's positive terminal is on left. A jumper is place from positive terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the second battery.
BMS for 12 volts system has five unmarked wires. Fortunately, there is one black wire. This is intended for the negative terminal of the first battery. The next unmarked wire next to the black wire is intended for the positive teminal of the first battery. Similarly, each subsequent wire connect to the positive terminal of the next battery. Preferably, prepare each wire with labeled and crimped to a lug before placing on the appropreate terminal. Terminal covers are remove on the photo for visual clarity.

Other Materials:


LiFePo4 is fairly heavy, build the system on a moving dolly for ease of movement.

Open fuse before connecting or disconnecting to inverter to prevent current surge which might damage inverter. Resettable fuse is used to prevent short circuit when battery leads are disconnected.

Resetable Fuse: Rated for 150 amp
Soft Connect Switch: Allow soft connect between inverter and battery. Switch on the series resistor for a second before setting the fuse.
Charger connector: for maximum soalr panel efficency use MPPT " maximum power point tracking " charger.