Positioning Solar panel to intercept maximum Sun's ray

Place the panel perpendicular to geographic north pole. Geographic noth pole can be determind by compass app or use a web browser go to NOOA. Drag the location icon to your property’s location and go to maximum zoom. Set time to local high noon. Click on the check box “Show Azimuth”. A line pointing to geographic north will appear. Use any straight edge feature on your property, such as a wall. find the angle between the straight edge feature and “Azimuth” Line. Call this angle A. Then subtract angle A from 90°. Call this angle B. Orient the Solar panel face at angle B relative to straight edge.

From NOAA page, find the latitude of your location on summer solstice. Raise the solar panel by this angle. Your solar panel would intercept the maximum amount of light from the sun. The maximum intersect angle will need to increase by 23.4° by winter solstice.

Alternate approach

Stake a stick straight on level ground.

The shadow points to north when the stake's shadow is shortest.

Place the solar panel perpendicular to shortest shadow.

Raise the panel until the panel cast the largest shadow.