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  • The VueMetrix Tuning Wizard will solve your temperature control problems with a few mouse clicks.
  • Never again spend frustrating hours tuning a P-I-D temperature controller.
  • Integrated with the VueMetrix TEC controller, the wizard will analyze your system and effortlessly produce the correct solution.
  • The Vue-TEC Developer's Kit contains everything you need to get started.

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The VueMetrix Temperature controller is a bi-directional, high frequency, high efficiency switch mode power converter with filter. It provides smooth DC power for maximum drive efficiency to a Peltier-effect thermoelectric cooler (TEC).

WinVue, VueMetrix's advanced Windows interface program, virtually eliminates the tedious first-time setup process typically required with a temperature controller. No potentiometers to adjust. No guessing at PID constants. The servo tuning wizard empirically characterizes your thermal load and performs a numerical analysis procedure to optimize the temperature control coefficients. In only a few minutes the controller can be properly configured for your load.

The VueMetrix temperature controller has a unique feature known as passthrough. When it receives a serial command beginning with the '!' character, it treats the subsequent characters as a command to be relayed to a second instrument connected to its auxiliary serial port. Replies from the second instrument are relayed back to the host. This concept effectively augments the controller's command set by a second one, allowing two controllers to function as a single unit. If the second unit is a VueMetrix laser diode controller the TEC controller will automatically interface to it, allowing one copy of WinVue to communicate seamlessly with both units.

Main TEC Control

  • Turn on and off the servo
  • Set desired operating temperature
  • Reports measured temperature
  • Reports the TEC's output voltage and current

Temperature servo tuning wizard

  • The wizard will analyze your thermal system and effortlessly produce the correct servo parameters
  • Digital chart recorder function for visualizing long term performance

User System Settable Parameters

  • Limit maximum permissible output voltage
  • Manual drive level control
  • Manual servo constant adjustment
  • Settable servo lock range to prevent nuisance faults


Input power
Input voltage max 24 VDC
Input Voltage Min 15 volts
Output Voltage ±20 volts when input is 24 volts
Output current max ±10 amp
Efficiency @20 volts >90%
Other I/O
Fan power output 12 volts @ 1.0 amp
Thermistor input NTC 10Kohm@25°C
Typical performance parameters
Temperature resolution ±0.01 °C typical
Temperature stability ±60 ppm of full scale at 25°C
Computer Interface specification
Second RS232 Passthrough to a second controller
Packaged 2.7"x7.5"x1"
PCB 2.5"x7"x 0.8"
VueMetrix endeavors continually to improve product performance. Specifications are subject to change without notice.